Saturday, 9 January 2016

New Year's resolutions

New year, new me?

 I don't believe in it. This whole ''new year is starting, there will be new me''.
I prefer to see people being themself, getting to know their strength more get out there. Know yourself,
but most of all? Grow, grow with yourself. Love your body, love the changes.

Okay so I wanted to blog about New Year's resolutions, we all have (had) them right?
At least in some point in my life I knew I had them, like when I was 8 years old I made resolution,
it was about ''When I get 25years old I wanna live in big house, with husband and being pregnant''.
I still wanna have kid when I'm 25, but I don't wanna get married because I don't wanna get divorced.
This is the only resolution I plan to fulfill, really. Kids make me happy and I think there is someone out there
''waiting'' for me. 

But I think people for New Year's wishes should be more simple, not loosing weight, this is what everyone
says and then you give up because there is no motivation and you are dissapointed with yourself. Like make
smaller resolutions (maybe, I want to eat breakfast every morning because it's healthy, or I will eat more 
fruit) it's simple and you really are proud on yourself.

This year I decided I won't eat more sweets because it was getting unhealthy the amount of chocolate
or something similiar I ate in a week, so I started eating more fruit and drink more water and I feel great.
I did it because of my health, I was sick almost every week and I got allergies so I decided I won't eat
this much pills and I started doing stuff that I think it's good for me. I have stronger nails, prettier hair and 
I feel better.

So the thing I wanna say is, don't get resolutions too big because it might be dissapointing when you stop 
doing it (does this even make sense? I hope it does). Do smaller stuff and do it for yourself not for anybody
else. You will feel so much better.

With love, Nastja x. 

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