Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Happy November, Happier December :)

Hello, so I haven't blog in a while because it was such a hectic time.

So I decided to blog about November and December.

November as a celebration month. It started with birthday of my cousin,
it was nice every year the celebration starts in her house and it is like huge
family dinner, while we plawy games and hang out. There is a lot of alcohol, but
noone gets drunk, because we literally are huge family, like 30-40 persons so it's
amazing night, fun to see everyone. After her birthday, we stayed the night and celebrated her wedding anniversary, and this is a bit weird, but it's our tradition since they got married and every year we have fun the next day. After this big celebration we have, we have 2 weeks off and then my dad had birthday, we had just a big bigger family
lunch and then we visited the grave because it was also 6 years since my Nona (grandma)
died and we go there every year and remind her good moments and all the fun we had.
After my dad's birthday my cousin had birthday (ha, see why I said why November is
our celebrations month?) and he threw a party again it was fun and a lot of people were
there :D. After his birthday my grandpa had birthday (I just called him and wished him a
happy birthday, but I'm not a bad granddaugther I promise) and after his birthday I had
birthday and we had family lunch, then I saw my friends and after it I had dinner
with my whole family, there were lots od presents and it was fun, I loved it.
On the other hand it was exhausting because it was so many birthdays and celebrations
and people. Overall I have great family whom I love very much and I always have fun with them.
After my birthday it was finally end of November and I'm older for 1 year (I'm 21 now yaaay).

Happier December.

If I can even call it like that since November was already amazing. But I had really
good start in December and I enjoyed overall. First few weeks (until 14.12) I slept
(well, not all day, but you know. I needed time off) a lot, saw friends and really just
relaxed. I thought about Christmas gifts, but not too much I just needed some new ideas
and I shopped on 23th I think haha. On 24th we had Christmas dinner and we played cards
(family tradition) me and my dad against my mum and my brother (they lost of course haha :D).
After the game we opened presents and just enjoyed time together. On 25th we had family
lunch at ma grandma's and it was fun time again.

On 31st we decided we don't wanna spend new year at home. So we took care of our dog,
we put him in safe room away from all this firecrackers and with his fave toy. We left
around 22pm and we arrived in city around 22.20 so we walked around the city it was so cold
i thought i will freeze, it was so empty and cold it looked sad. Around 23.45 there were
more people coming. So we spend new year there but were screaming girls around us and at some
point i felt like I will go crazy with everything. When we got home I watched some movies
and fall asleep. After all last year was amazing.

Have fun and love each other, Nastja.

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