Thursday, 15 October 2015

Which is worse? Bullying or Cyberbullying?

Let me tell you, both is horrible, horrible action from one human to another human. No matter the age, race or gender, bullying is not acceptable in any form. Is anybody asking themselves what is the difference between bullying and cyber-bullying? I will explain it all here and now.

Bullying is calling someone ”gay”, ”lesbian”, ”idiot”. If a girl calls a boy idiot it doesn’t always mean she loves him, she can be a bully and believe me when I say girls are horrible when it comes to bullying someone. Some girls do it with passion. If boys treats you bad it doesn’t mean he likes you. Maybe he does it to bully you, don’t teach girls that boy treat them bad because they like her. If you are put into a group and you leave someone out and make fun of because no one choosed him, it is also bullying. It will make  him/her feel worthless and unwanted. Don’t tell your friend not to hang out with someone because you don’t like that person. Your friend will might tell others not to hang out with this person and it will make them feel unloved, unwanted. Don’t do it, don’t spread rumours, don’t threat so harm someone, don’t punch/kick/hit someone.
It doesn’t harm anyone to be decent human being, but it does hurt when you bully someone.


Cyber-bullying is happening on modern technology, to harass, threat and embarrass another person. It has gotten crazy isn’t it? It occurs a lot between young people.

For example over a text. You get into a fight with ex boyfriend, friend, some random person. This person texts you saying he/she will attack you in the school, street, whenever she/he sees you. Sounds crazy right? I thought the same. But when you receive text like that, don’t take it as joke because what the hell if this isn’t a joke? What if something really happens? They will see someone texted you and they will have culprit. Cyber-bullying happens on tumblr/twitter/ too.  Too many people get message saying ”whore” , ”kill yourself” , ”nobody loves you”. This hurts. You don’t know them so don’t send them that. Also don’t cyber-stalk them. You don’t need to follow their every social media. It gets creepy. It already is creepy if you are doing anything of up above.

Be a decent human being. It doesn’t take much to be one.

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