Monday, 28 March 2016

Easter & Mother's day

Hello, it's spring finally. I love it even though I'm allergic to pollen it is my favourite season.  That’s part of a reason why was I away from blog. I love going out and spending time walking. I love blogging, I enjoy blogging, but it was so difficult to write while there was rain and cold all day, so I kind a stopped. For few days. But now I’m back. Second reason why I was away is because we have Easter holidays now  and it was Mother’s day few days ago. 

So for Mother’s day, I hate, hate, hate giving simple chocolate and flowers, because it’s boring and I think mother’s deserve more thoughtful present. So this year we (my brother and I) gave her homemade card, small poem (my dad wrote it, thank you it was amazing) and I made chocolate roulade.  All I can say is that she loved the present, because it’s unique and we thought about it for a while. I love making my parents happy.

Then after few days we had Easter and I actually went to church, where I spend half of the time looking at the babies because they are so cute. Actually I would already like to have a baby, but I don’t have a partner, meh. After we blessed the food (I’m not Christian and I don’t like religion I went to bless the food just because of my mum) we had Easter dinner, we spend more time laughing than we ate. Next day we had Easter breakfast and we prayed (kind of, not really. My parents prayed, my brother and I just sat there quietly) then we ate some more. Today we had visit from my grandparents since it’s Easter Monday and it’s still holiday here. Now hopefully I’ll have week full of relaxation and sleep.

I hope everybody had great Easter and enjoyed some time with family. 

(non of this picture is mine)

Have a great week, love Nastja x.

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